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Plans have changed this year due to the pandemic. Maybe you were going to take Dad/Husband/Boyfriend to his favorite restaurant, had tickets to a concert to see his favorite band or musician, or maybe even go hiking. There's a big possibility you were already planning on staying inside with him anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

Whatever the plans were, it's safe to say that staying inside is the best option now and you were planning on giving him some kind of gift! 🎁

Shopping for them can be difficult though—trust me, I know! You still want to show them your appreciation so I made a list of the top 5 gifts I think he may like or will at least give you some ideas! 💡


Beer Steins 

This Blue & Black Beer Stein is a quality gift for Dads. It's an upgrade from the pint glasses (which are still awesome too). It's his own special beer stein with a really cool looking blue and black marble design. We have other colors and designs as well if you click on the link or go to our Drinkware section in the "For Dad" Collection! 🍺


Dad Jokes Coasters 

These set of 4 coasters are a unique gift for him to have something to put his cups of coffee and nice cold beverages on while still giving him and the rest of the family laugh! 2 of the coasters have a blue background with white text and the other 2 have a black background with white text. Each coaster in the set has a different dad joke so he'll have a different one to see each time! Dad may not be able to take credit for these dad jokes, but you'll get some good credit for a gift you may have not thought of yet and of course the awesome credit of making him smile every time he uses them! 🙌🏼

I'm A Dad. What's Your Superpower T-Shirt 

This t-shirt will make him feel appreciated anytime he wears it or even just sees it in his dresser or closet. Let's be real here, any Dad wishes he was Batman or Superman 😂 But the other realistic thing is that he already is a superhero. Being a dad requires a lot of different "superpowers" of its own so he can be the awesome and hardworking dad he is! This also comes in white.

World's Best Dad Viking Tumbler 

This 20 oz "World's Best Dad" Viking Tumbler is perfect for any hot or cold drinks! It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks icy for hours! It comes In Black, Stainless, Copper, & White so you have options when you're picking which color he would like best! He'll love the simple quote that reminds him of something he probably already knows 😉

Dopp Kit

This "Dopp Kit" is perfect for Dad to hold his razor, beard comb, toothbrush, or any other toiletries or grooming tools for at home or on the go! 💇🏻‍♂️ It's not waterproof, but very durable and comes in a dark brown color. Whether this dad is on the road a lot or just needs some organization, he'll appreciate something he can use every day!


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