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Last year it was our (Chris & I) first full year living at the apartment we still live at now. Once it got around October, I of course really wanted to decorate the house & get a wreath (which I ended up buying the stuff to make a wreath & ended up making one instead 😂  )! Chris was happy to help me with putting our new decorations in our new apartment ☺️

When we were out running errands at Walmart, we happened to find some cardboard box letters (but sturdy) in the craft section. We found the right letters & amount to spell out "BOO".

We decided we could paint the letters how we wanted & it would be a new Halloween decoration. We also got a simple paintbrush set that had different shapes & sizes of brushes, including one with a brush with a half circle sponge instead of bristles!

We then found some basic "Halloween" acrylic paint colors. The brand is called "halloween Crafts". We chose "Trick-or-Treat Orange", Witch's Potion Purple, Goo "Goo Juice Green", & "Cauldron Black", but those are up to you!



Things You Need:

  • letters to create a word or phrase from anywhere that has craft supplies
  • Acrylic paints in the colors you want to paint the letters
  • Basic Set Of Paint Brushes--nothing fancy! (but hey, take it to that level if you have some really good brushes!)
  • Newspaper, towel, or something to put the letters on top of while you're painting them that won't make a difference if it gets dirty. We used newspaper & put it on top of our kitchen bar then painted the letters on the newspapers.


We each picked a pattern or design we wanted to paint on all of them & we painted them together. I painted the letter "B" orange and used a wider brush since I was painting the whole letter that color. Then I painted green, purple & black stripes (it was hard to paint perfect stripes 😂
Give each layer of paint time to dry so it has time to sit & dry so you don't blend any colors together. For this first letter, I painted the "B" orange then let it sit to dry

One of the "O"s, he painted purple, let it dry first, then used a smaller paint brush for a lime green slime design since it required more detail.

The last "O" we decided to use the cool circle sponge brush that came with the brush set & paint the letter black, let it dry like the others, & then dipped the round sponge brush in orange paint for a classic Halloween look & put polka dots on it.

Once it was dry, we put it on top of our fireplace with some other Halloween decorations & we're decorating with it again this year! Now every time it's the Fall season, we'll always be reminded of the fun we had & memories we made doing such an easy & affordable craft.

Happy Fall Everyone!

  • Sep 27, 2020
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