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Hello! Here to help you save the Halloween festivities quickly, affordably, & still have fun! I'm going to tell you how we make our Graveyard-Themed Halloween desserts: "Scary S'mores Pie" & our "Haunted Graveyard Pudding"!

These are both recipes you can do by yourself, with your family, friends, or for a date night!

Sweet & Spooky Treats!
Scary S'mores Pie
-1 Pie Crust (size optional)
-1 bag of Marshmallows (if you're using a small pie crust, we would suggest small marshmallows)
-1 box of graham crackers
-1 box of Oreos
-1 Medium bag of Hersey's Bars
-Candy Eyes (you can get these at somewhere like Walmart or Michael's)
-1 Bag of Gummy Worms (optional--just an add on to the graveyard)

1. First, grab your pie crust & preheat the oven to 350˚ F.

2. Line the bottom of the pie crust with your Hersey's Bars. We broke them along the Hersey Bar's "lines." 

3. Break out the Graham Crackers & line them on top of the Hersey's Bars! Then place marshmallows on the layer of Graham Crackers.

4. Mix some broken Hersey's Bars on top of the Marshmallows!

5. Top it off with broken Oreo's (save some Oreos for the other recipe if you want to make that one as well)

6. Add some more mallows lining the pie crust & pop the pie in the oven on the middle rack for 5-10 minutes & watch it to make sure the mallows don't burn too much!

7. Take the pie out of the oven & create your graveyard! 

8. Add broken up Graham crackers to the point that it's like a dust texture & look. Break more graham crackers in half and stick into the pie to look like a cemetery.

9. Open one Oreo so you have two ghosts/zombies (Optional to break them like we did) We only used one Oreo for the ghost, but use more if you'd like!

10. Lay them down in front of the "tombstones" and/or throughout your "graveyard". Add the candy eyes to the Oreos!

  11. Slice it (it will be sticky like s'mores) & enjoy!

Graveyard Pudding
Ingredients: (This one is meant to be "customizable" so pick extra candies to break up like M & M's, Reese's pieces, etc. if you'd like!)
-Medium Pot or Microwave to make Chocolate Pudding
- Jar, clear plastic cups, or a glass like we used to put the "dirt" layers in
-6 cups of milk (Both puddings require 3 cups of milk)
**This made 2 12 oz "graveyards"**
-1 box of Chocolate Pudding Mix
-1 box of Vanilla Pudding Mix
-1 Box of Oreos (if you made the Scary S'mores Pie, you can use Oreos from that box! Can use more Graham cracker crumbs if you'd like as well!)
-1 Bag of Gummy Worms (optional)
-Hersey's or other rectangle chocolate bar to break for a tombstone!

1. Get your choice(s) of cup/jar/glass (we used beer glasses) to put your graveyard in and set them aside for later!

2. Make the chocolate pudding then set it aside (We used a medium sized pot, because it doesn't take long at all & we assumed it would taste better)

3. Make the vanilla pudding (only takes about 6 minutes)

4. Crumble up whatever amount of Oreos you'd like, but make sure to have a little Oreo dust left over for the top!

5. Mix the Oreos with the chocolate pudding (Add any other candies in if you want with the chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding)

6. We layered the Oreo Dirt & Vanilla pudding with a spoon and I put some crushed up Peanut M & M's on one layer of mine in the middle! Keep layering with Oreo Dirt & Vanilla Pudding until you get to the top.

7. Top it off with Oreo Dirt and graham cracker dust!

8. We tucked in some gummy worms into the pudding for more of a "dirt" & Halloween vibe.

9. Break off a piece of whatever Candy Bar you're using and stick it inside the dirt on the top for a tombstone & voila! You're ready to dig in!

Let us know about your experience making any of these recipes & anything that could make them even better!

Have a Sweet, Spooky, & Safe Halloween!
  • Oct 28, 2020
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