Favorite Child Mug

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Okay, Admit It, You're Their Favorite Child Out Of The Rest Of You And You're Not Afraid To Let Mom or Dad Know! Make Them Laugh With This Mug That Will Remind Them How Great All Of You Are (I Mean--You Of Course)!

  • High-Quality Ceramic Pottery Style So It Will Retain Heat & Will Be Lightweight, Which Means A Mug To Stick Around For Years
  • Dishwasher Safe So You Can Wash The Mug Daily Which Means They Won't Have To Break Out The Sponge And Handwash
  • Microwave Safe So They Can Heat Up Their Favorite Drink Which Means They Won't Have To Wait To Enjoy
  • White & Glossy So You Can Give Your Mom or Dad A Quality Gift With A Design That Pops Which Means They Will Always Have The Fond Memories Every Time They Make Their Favorite Drink
  • Made With Love So Even With A Busy Day They Will Be Reminded Of The Moments You've Shared Together.

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Favorite Child Mug